Open Wheeler Game Driving Cockpit Review (Page 1)

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Open Wheeler Game Driving Cockpit

The true power of home racing games

Current racing simulation games are not being estimated sufficiently. These splendid driving simulations are so real. At first look you can barely tell it's a game and not an actual Formula 1 contest, for instance! Sadly, these types of driving simulation games are not being really acknowledged and cherished by the majority of the racing game bigots all over the World.

Analog sticks are not the proper alternative for the car racing simulation game zealots

Why is it like that? The answer is clear. Playing with the ordinary video game controllers everybody keeps at their homes, does not create the faithful realism these unbelievable driving car simulation games truly do bring you. And they provide a lot. A lot more than you can conceive, at least until you uncover the real passion hidden in each and every one of them...

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